Leprechaun Trap Note | Free Colouring Page | St. Patrick’s Day


Leprechaun Note and St. Patrick’s Day Colouring Page


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Building a leprechaun trap has been a new tradition for me, but one we started with our children from the beginning. I love it because it is FREE, it doesn’t add more STUFF to your home and your KIDS do all the work!

This FREE download is a printable note and colouring page for you to leave with your leprechaun trap. Click HERE for all the details on how we build a leprechaun trap and how to “set” the trap.

Share your creations with us on any social media channels @sewbrightcreations.

This is a FREE printable. If you’d like to support Sew Bright Creations, click here: https://sewbrightcreations.com/product/buy-me-a-coffee/

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