Sew Bright Creations Sewing Lessons for Adults


Sewing lessons for adults


With each of the 3 beginner lessons, I will walk you through step by step and share any insider tips I may have along the way. You will not only have access to a live demonstration of each step but you will also be privy to the tips and tricks I’ve had to learn through trial and error in my 10+ years of experience!  Included in each lesson:

* Step by Step Instructional Video

* Printable Sewing Pattern

* Supply list and recommended products

* Fabric recommendations


Support a local business, save the planet and learn something fun with me!



Easy to Follow Instructions

My videos (and me!) are here to walk you through your first sewing project! 



With a small business like mine, you get individual attention! Have a question? Just email! 


fun & useful!

Sewing is not only useful, it is a great way to upcycle old clothes and create home-made gifts.

Sew Bright Creations - Learn to Sew a Bib
Sew Bright Creations - Learn to Sew a Scarf
Sew Bright Creations - Learn to Sew a Headband
Sewing Lessons for Adults

Your Teacher

Since becoming a mom, sewing and blogging have been my creative outlet. It is my time, where I can relax and enjoy what I am doing and just be ME. It keeps my hands busy and my mind occupied. My kids and I also have a lot of fun spending time together and making new projects!

If DIY projects, Sewing tutorials, creative parenting solutions, and a healthy dose of real life sound like topics that might resonate with you, please follow along on the blog!

You’ll also get a taste of my take on mom life, career goals, being an entrepreneur, being a wife, and how I’m trying to fit it all together. I hope you join me for the ride and share some of your experiences along the way too! I always love to hear from you 🙂

xo Jackie

My list of fabric Favs

A list of my favorite high-quality fabrics that will help to ensure your hard work will stand the test of time.

Tips & Tricks

These small sewing lessons for adults pack a big bang for your buck! Every purchase gives you access to our exclusive tips and tricks for everything you need to know, from fabric recommendations to storage and organizing your supplies. 

Best fabrics for sewing

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If you’re a little overwhelmed at tackling your own sewing projects, grab one of our lessons and we’ll baby-step with you! From beginning to end, I’m with you every step of the way.

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