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 Want to sew, but not sure how to get started? I get it! Learning to sew can be overwhelming, frustrating and requires mental energy that many of us moms just don’t have.

Most often the thought of trying something new, the thought of being bad at it and the thought of failing is SO much harder than actually doing it! 

If any of this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place.

Sew Bright Creations’ sewing patterns are NOT just a pattern. They are actually mini sewing lessons! 

With each pattern, you receive step by step written and video instructions. It’s broken down into small steps and explains all the details including fabric types and where to purchase them. 

Are you curious about our patterns, but don’t have any babies to make bibs for? Not into headbands? I encourage you to try our patterns because you will learn techniques and basic sewing skills. These fundamental stepping stones will give you the confidence you need for your next sewing project! 

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out our FREE tutorial on how to sew a change pad! Note that the tutorials for purchase include additional details and written instructions.

    Learn to sew a Sew Bright Scarf, Bib or Headband! 

    Do you sew for pleasure or business? Where do you buy your fabric, notions, packaging and other supplies?

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve shopped at A LOT of difference fabric shops and stores. I spent over 5 years refining where I shop for my business while trying to align with my business values. 

    I want to save you the time, energy, and money that I spent trying to source the best shops for both pleasure and business sewing use! 

    Our Sew Bright Suppliers List is geared towards business use, but has lots of resources the avid home sewer may find helpful too! I share where I get my fabric, what type of fabric, where I get notions, packaging and shipping supplies and more.

    One way to increase your profit margin and MAKE MORE MONEY is to reduce the cost of your supplies. That’s what are Suppliers List is for! To help you find the best price, without compromising quality, on all your supplies!

    Looking for just fabric? I mean, that is the ultimate question for every seamstress isn’t it? Where do you buy your fabric?

    Here’s the thing… fabric is what will make or break your product. Read that again.

    Sure, you need a good product, but if you are an excellent seamstress and use old lady quilting cotton, you might as well not sew it all. Maybe that’s harsh, but trust me. Fabric is everything.

    You’ll find nearly 20 online fabric shops in my Fabric Faves Guide! That’s right! It’s no 100 list, but I have shopped at all of these shops and recommend ALL OF THEM!!

    This guide is priced for everyone whether you sew at Christmas only or every weekend!

    Okay friend, the jist of this is, our patterns are actually mini sewing lessons. They are valuable. I share all the things I know about each project in the videos that you get when you purchase the pattern. 

    I’ve crammed all my knowledge from the past 7 years as a seamstress for business into the suppliers list and fabric faves and really, it doesn’t get any better!!

    Happy Sewing!

    xo Jackie

    Any questions! Let me know in the comments!

    We would love to see your sewing creations! Please share with us by tagging us on Instagram @sewbrightcreations or email them to [email protected].

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    Here are some of the tools and supplies that I use for sewing. The sewing machine is a great beginner friendly option!

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