Looking for healthy Halloween supper ideas that your kids will eat? Look no further! This year we have an all NEW recipe, squash soup in a pumpkin, topped with a spider web. Really, it doesn’t get any better! Well…actually it does if you love chili… You can check out our chili in a pumpkin recipe HERE. 😉

For the third year in a row we participated in our neighbour’s (and good friend) pumpkin harvest which always inspires me to make something creative with our tasty home grown pumpkins.

With a little help from my brother (the chef in the family), we came up with this super delicious and simple squash soup recipe. Other than waiting for the squash to bake, which takes about an hour, it is very easy to make. Watch our video to see how!

My husband even said it’s the best squash soup he’s ever had! It is probably the only squash soup he has EVER had, but I’ll take it!

Doesn’t the spider web look super cool? It is actually really easy too, just make sure you use a thin clean edge and cut through from the inside out. I used a steak knife, but I’m sure there are better alternatives! You could try a toothpick too. And of course, the plastic spider on top is not edible! But the pumpkin is edible!! My 3 year old loved that part the best 🙂
I used our organic spices (pepper and cumin) from Splendor Garden, Canadian Organic Spices and Herbs. They are super flavourful so I only added about 1/8 tsp of cumin, but you can add more or less depending on your preference. Read more about Splendor Garden in last week’s blog post featuring the Pumpkin Pie Spice. It is absolutely amazing!!

Behind the Scenes . . .

So while I thought I was videoing the first part of the tutorial (preparing the squash and pumpkin before baking), it turns out the phone was on camera mode! #neverfails This is why the first part of the video is just writing!

And here’s a typical photo of my blogging adventures…nobody else is into it! haha

What recipe should we make in a pumpkin next year?

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