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I spent the month of January, 31 days, decluttering my home and I learnt a few unexpected things! Read WHY, I wanted to declutter my home HERE and you can SEE why HERE.


Here’s what happened when I starting decluttering my home:

1. I realized how much the extra stuff in our house exacerbates my anxiety.

2. As a gift giver, I am going to focus on giving more experienced based gifts.

3. I earned over $700 selling my clutter on the buy and sell. I stopped keeping track after $700!

4. It has made me reconsider the things I bring home and how so many of the items I have decluttered have come from the thrift store or fast fashion stores. 

5. While it can be hard to let things go, I shouldn’t be keeping things out of guilt.  I am the keeper of the stuff in our house and if it is not serving our family, it is OK to pass it on.

Looking for more? Watch the video below to see my online garage sale, behind the scences projects and family perogie making!


31 days of decluttering, sew bright creations, how to declutter

It’s never too late to start decluttering

If you’re reading this now, I want you to know it is NOT TOO late to join! Decluttering isn’t a race, it’s meant to serve you and your home at any speed. Maybe you want to declutter only a few areas of your home or maybe you want to spend one day a week for the year, where ever you’re at, I hope I’ve inspired you!

Download my free template to use as a guide in your own decluttering challenge. I recommend that you review the calendar before starting, cross off any areas that don’t fit and add areas that you need extra help with. I purposely left Sundays as a catch up day, but maybe you want it to be another day. Take some time to plan out your decluttering, you won’e regret it!

31 days of decluttering, sew bright creations, how to declutter
31 days of decluttering, sew bright creations, how to declutter

Maybe this will help in you decluttering…

As I went through each day I asked myself: is this something I wear/use? If the answer was sometimes, then I asked myself; can I live without it? Is there something else that serves the same purpose that I like better? Is it really needed?

You can save any of the images in this blog post to your Pinterest so you have it for easy reference! We can’t wait to see what you declutter, tag us on Instagram @sewbrightcreations!

xo Jackie


Any questions! Let me know in the comments!

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Here’s a few organizational things to get you started!

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