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Hi friend! Thanks for checking back in on our One Room Challenge progress! We made it through Week 3. We had a lot of painting this week, enjoyed Thanksgiving in the middle of it and had a little sickness in there so naturally, we’re two days behind, but progress was still made and that’s what we are here to celebrate!

Click HERE for a recap of the Spring ORC Workshop Renovation.


Let’s talk about what the One Room Challenge is. Have you heard of it? It’s a biannual event that is held every spring and fall. Anyone with a blog or Instagram account is welcome to join the fun. It goes over 8 weeks and each week we share an Instagram or Blog post with an update on on our room. It’s a fun way to connect with other like minded people and be able to encourage each other through all the ups and downs of renovating! You can check out all the other participants HERE.


Before Photos 

PROJECT GOAL: Make this space a cozy place for our family to enjoy and hide all the storage 🙂

one room challenge fall 2022 - sew bright creations
one room challenge fall 2022 - sew bright creations

Week 3 Update:

Click HERE for a Week 2 update.

  • washed the walls
  • caulked some seams where the trim was attached to the walls and where I took the trim off to make it flush for the built in storage closet
  • primed the walls (I only had a small amount of primer left so I used it for the panel that was not white)
  •  painted, white of course

And then I ran out of white paint so I didn’t get to quite finish where I wanted to. This week I’ll finish the white and do the paint feature I’ve been waiting to show you! I’ve also got trim work to do this week, phew, she’s going to be a busy one!

Click HERE for a video recap!

You’re not going to want to miss the paint feature, so follow the daily progress on Instagram @sewbrightcreations.

one room challenge fall 2022 - sew bright creations
one room challenge fall 2022 - sew bright creations
one room challenge fall 2022 - sew bright creations

 So far we’re a couple days behind with the plan, let’s see if we can catch up this week!

  • Week 1: Plan 
  • Week 2: Prep for paint, vacuum ceiling and insulate between joists where the wall meets the outside wall.
  • Week 3: Paint 
  • Week 4: Trim + baseboards (FINISH PAINT)
  • Week 5: Start built in storage closet
  • Week 6: Finish built in storage closet
  • Week 7: Organization unit and a surprise little project
  • Week 8: Touch ups, decor and reveal!!

Any questions! Let me know in the comments!

We would love to see your projects! Please share with us by tagging us on Instagram @sewbrightcreations or email them to [email protected].

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