I absolutely love how holidays, when you have kids of your own, bring you right back to your childhood! I have very fond childhood memories of making our own Halloween costumes and I’ve really enjoyed sharing this with my daughter the past two years!

My daughter was born late October, so although she will only be three this year, this will be her fourth Halloween and she is beyond excited! The first year was nothing more than a newborn onesie and the tiniest, most adorable pumpkin hat, but it was still cute! I mean, look at that face 🙂

For her second Halloween I made this sweet cupcake costume! It was cozy warm, out of fleece, and worked well to slip over her warm clothes. I don’t have a pattern to share because I was just winging it, but the general shape was made by tracing over a larger shirt and adding length for the bottom part. I made the cupcake icing ruffles with my serger, but you could do this by using a loose stitch and pulling the thread tight to bunch it up. The bottom part was two layers sewn together in lines for added shape/depth. The pom poms were hand stitched on and the toque was crocheted by Cool Beanz, located in Delisle, SK. A cherry toque on top would also be cute!





It gets better every year! The third Halloween costume was an old lady, inspired by that photo of the two babes going around Facebook and Pinterest. You know the one right? We had a ton of fun making this one and I love how it turned out! I made it out of a lady’s dress from Value Village and just cut it and sewed it smaller. The bottom part that was cut off the dress was double looped around for the scarf.

For the hair, I hand stitched cotton balls on a white hat. Thank you to our friend in town who lent us extra cotton balls when we ran out! We used just over one bag. For the glasses, I knocked out the lenses of kids sunglasses, spray painted the frames black, added a geek strap (scrap knit fabric) to keep them on and be-dazzled them with sequins that were glue gunned to each side. Touched up with lipstick, nail polish, socks for knee highs and a cute gold pair of Mary Janes and she was on her way! It’s going to be hard to beat this one!

One of our favourite traditions before we go trick or treating is to have chilli in a pumpkin for supper! It can be prepared ahead of time so it’s the perfect, easy, quick and healthy meal before they are flooded with sugar! Get the full recipe HERE.





This Trick or Treat Bag is available in Sew Bright’s Etsy shop HERE. You can even colour it! They are the perfect size for young trick or treaters and it still fits a ton of candy! We loaded it up with 140 Halloween candies!

Which one is your favourite halloween costume?

Any guesses what this year’s is going to be (think Disney)? I may dress up too!

Sew Bright Creations also just launched the Halloween Line. Here is a peak at all the goodies! There are a few non-colouring trick or treat bags and they are almost sold out! Get them HERE.

Don’t you think the necklace would make a super cute accessory for a little witch costume?

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New this year we also added colouring hair ties! My daughter and I really enjoyed colouring and making them together. It’s a perfect afternoon craft for the chilly days ahead of us. Watch the video (it may take a minute to load) to see how much fun and easy these are to do! Get your hair ties that are ready for YOU to colour, HERE.
Love the colouring products? There are aprons too! Available for both boysgirls and adults too!. Now is a great time to start Christmas shopping! Read more about the aprons in THIS blog post.
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