How many times have you said, “please don’t touch the Christmas tree“, or by now it is probably just “DON’T TOUCH THE TREE!” ? I’m guessing if you have mini humans at home, you’ve probably thought about putting up a baby gate or dog pen around your tree…or maybe you have! We did for our daughter’s second Christmas. If your child is at an age where they should be able to follow direction, then I have just the solution!

Keep reading this tutorial to see how you can easily make your kids their OWN Christmas tree that they can decorate and re-decorate all day long however they want. I only re-decorated my daughter’s once, for some photos, otherwise I have put my OCD aside and let her do her thing 😉

Supplies – What you need

  • Felt for tree and ornaments
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape to stick the tree on the wall
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Paper stencils for cutting ornaments

The felt was purchased from Michaels and the paper ornament stencils I printed. Just google “free printable christmas ornament patterns” or something along those lines! 

Follow these easy steps to make a felt Christmas Tree!

STEP 1. To make the ornaments, cut out paper stencils, trace stencils on the felt, then cut the felt version out.

STEP 2. If desired, add embellishments to the ornaments. You can use felt, glitter glue, ribbon, bells, etc.

Full disclosure here…all the pretty embellishments made on our ornaments were done by a dear friend of mine (Thank you Lisa!). We made the tree together during the heat of our move and I couldn’t pass up the offer from Lisa to finish them for us. Aren’t they cute?

STEP 3. To cut the tree out I folded it in half (length wise) and used a piece of wood for a straight edge to draw a line from the top left corner (on the folded edge) to the bottom right corner (unfolded edge). Cut along the line. Going from top to bottom along the open (unfolded edge), I measured down a few inches and in a few inches to cut the “branches” on the tree.

STEP 4. Tape tree to the wall (I used painter’s tape) and place ornaments on as you wish! The felt automatically adheres to each other so the ornaments can be moved on and off and they still stick! It’s super fun for your little’s to decorate in their own creative ways without the stress of breaking real Christmas ornaments!

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Do you love DIY projects like this felt Christmas tree, but struggle to get them done? Check my tips on how to be productive HERE. For this particular project, I got together with a friend and we did them together, which was not only fun, but it made sure we both finished them! 
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