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Enjoy stress free travel to Haida Gwaii! Download now!


Want to travel to Haida Gwaii, but the thought of all the planning is overwhelming? I get it! I was there! That’s why I created this e-book based on our lived experiences travelling to Haida Gwaii. 

This e-book covers the following:

  1. General tips for enjoying Haida Gwaii
  2. What to bring
  3. Easy meal ideas
  4. Snacks
  5. Details about the ferry, booking, sleeping, etc.
  6. Where we went and wished we went (we were there 4 days)
  7. Where we stayed and a discount for you!

If you’re not traveling to Haida Gwaii but enjoy camping and road trips with your family then you will probably find some great tips in here too!

We had such an amazing vacation because of the planning I did ahead of time and I want that for your family too! Download now and it’s yours!

Not sure if this is for you? Watch this video first! https://youtu.be/02BJp2kNBSg

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